Photo album: Coffeehouse hosted by the Black Law Students’ Association of McGill

March 2016

The Black Law Students’ Association of McGill (BLSAM) held its annual Coffeehouse in February, marking Black History month with a photo gallery featuring, among others, Viola Desmond, Martin Luther King and Leonard Braithwaite.

BLSAM VP-external Samanthea Samuels welcomed attendees with a few opening remarks, noting that the event provided an opportunity both for sober reflection and joyous celebration. “Tonight, we are going to dance,” she said, smiling, before concluding with a gentle reminder:

“Amidst all the hate and discrimination in society, it’s important to create narratives of hope and to continuously paint pictures of Black Beauty and Excellence. This is what BLSAM aims to achieve, and we hope that by being here tonight, along with getting some nice food and dancing to amazing music, you would also take up the mandate to be the voices for those who are continuously silenced. To fight for justice and equality for people and communities that are often not afforded equal protection, and to boldly declare that Black Lives Matter!”


Samuels was also interviewed for the Montreal Gazette about her opinions on racism in Montreal, noting that “she asks herself regularly why there isn’t more such activism in Montreal.” Read the article.


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