June 2017

On May 7th McGill students and teachers participated in the annual Sharing Smiles Day organised by the Oral Health, Total Health (OHTH), a fun-filled, informative day where the attitudinal barriers between dental students and persons with special needs can be removed and positive relationships fostered. Organized by Maral Aghourian and Jun Li the day was a huge success. Read all about the day.


Dr. Julie Drakoulakou was at the CLSC Parc Extension on Wednesday, May 3 for and Oral Health Awareness Playshop. Morning and afternoon workshops were filled with fun activities to learn the importance of oral health, nutrition, oral hygiene and dental visits. The day was geared towards pre-natal, infant and toddler care and participants were from Quebec, India, Sri Lanka, Greece, Turkey and Serbia. See pictures from the workshops.

April 2017

Summer_Institute_2016Dr. Deborah Iera took some time away from her duties in Montreal last month to tend to the needs of children with cleft lip and palate in Vietnam.


Once again this year, the annual Run for Outreach was a great success. Over 150 participants took part in the event on a sunny Mount Royal and more than $8000 were raised.  Participants capped off their run with lunch on the mountain all together. See photos of the event here  (all photos by Jackie Yip)

April 2016

OHTH VolunteersDMD-III student Nicole (Nikki) Van Der Wal gives us a heartfelt account of this year’s Sharing Smiles Day at Miriam Home. Nikki, along with co-organiser Ivy Lin (DMD-III), put together a great event highlighting the importance to advocate, educate, and improve the oral health care of persons with special needs. Read the full story here.