2018 Most Valuable Person Award

April 2018

It is time to submit your nominations for the MVP of the Faculty for 2018. I have attached a list of the winners over the past 5 years who cannot be nominated.

You will find the Nomination form that MUST be used. Please attached the additional letters of reference to this form when submitting to Paul.

You will also see the Guidelines with the criteria also indicated below.

  • Performance that consistently exceeds expectations.
  • A particular contribution that was outstanding and/or of great distinction.
  • The development and/or implementation of a new or improved process or program that resulted in a significant improvement in morale, productivity, service to the community, cost savings, or increased revenues.
  • Breadth of impact over and above what is usually expected including activities outside specific job responsibilities.
  • Evidence of significant initiatives and performance over and above what is usually expected.

The Committee will meet the first week of May to choose our MVP.

2018 Guideline for Nominations Most Valuable Person Award

2018 Nomination for MVP Award Form

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