The Faculty Welcomes Dr. Samim

January 2018

The Faculty of Dentistry would like to welcome its newest member, Dr. Firoozeh Samim. Dr. Samim is a Canadian and American Board Certified specialist in Oral Medicine & Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology. She received her DMD from Shiraz University of Medical Science in Iran and went on to complete the Oral Medicine & Oral Pathology residency program at UBC. She also completed her MSc in Craniofacial focusing on the oral health of the vulnerable population and children attending inner-city schools.

Prior to arriving at McGill, Dr. Samim was actively involved at UBC as Clinical Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Dentistry and in the oral oncology group with the Department of Oral Oncology/Dentistry at the British Columbia Cancer Agency. She has published several papers focusing on oral mucositis and oral care in cancer patients. Dr. Samim also was a Clinical Assistant Professor and Research Coordinator at Memorial University.

Among her major accomplishments is the establishment of the first oral oncology clinic in Newfoundland and Labardor, the fruits of a collaboration between Dr. Samim, the NL Dental Board, the NL Dental Association and the government of NL and the Eastern Health Authority.

Dr. Samim is excited for her new position with the Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University.

What brought you to the faculty of dentistry?

McGill University has an excellent reputation and considerable international recognition; it is Canada’s oldest and best-known medical school. During the short time I spent here for an interview, I recognized the positive work environment in which I would be surrounded. The diversity of the faculty member and the positive mission statement highlights the goals and demonstrate behaviour that exemplify the highest commitment to quality and service to each other, the university, the students and the patients. Interaction with the faculty made me believe that people come to work and feel appreciated, acknowledged and rewarded. Can-do, go-the-extra-mile and win-win attitudes were evident. Faculty members had a sense of camaraderie, cooperation, and empowerment. I was happy to see finally I found a positive work environment I was looking for.

What are your goals for the first year?

Moving to a new province and starting a new academic job is an incredible opportunity but it is challenging and only the beginning. I would like to build new skills, foster relationships and help in improving student’s educations in collaboration with other faculty seniors. Learning French, developing new curriculum and strategies, and establish my clinical practice are my major goals in the first year.

What do you want people know about you?

“Firoozeh is friendly and sociable, open and communicative. She is an extravert who is thrilled to be alive and does not mind who knows it. She is an individualist and is prepared to make a lot of effort to accomplish her goals: her will-power and ambition are unshakable.”
This is the meaning of Firoozeh from first names and it is exactly me!

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