Community Service Fellowships Awarded

January 2018

Congratulations to Nioushah Noushi and Ninoska Enriquez on being awarded the McGill Community Service Research Fellowships.

The PhD project of Ms. Nioushah Noushi (Supervisor: Dr. Shahrokh Esfandiari, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Shaheen Sharrif), titled “Social justice education in undergraduate dental curricula: a mixed methods study”, aims to understand and assess how dental faculties can form clinically and socially competent dentists by incorporating social justice education in the undergraduate curriculum.

Dr. Ninoska Enriquez (Supervisor: Christophe Bedos) was awarded a PhD fellowship for her project “Integrating social determinants of health in dental curricula”. Her goal is to design a model of undergraduate dental education that integrates social dimensions of health into biomedical programs, to contribute to a better match between dentistry education and societal needs.

McGill Community Service Research Fellowships were initiated in 2015 and are awarded to graduate and postdoctoral trainees whose projects contribute to the aims of the Fondation Marcelle & Jean Coutu research program concerning the development of infrastructure to train socially and clinically competent dentists.

Congratulations Nioushah and Ninoska for being awarded these fellowships!

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