A new PhD in Oral Health Sciences


We are developing a new PhD in Oral Health Sciences. Broadly conceived to represent the Biomedical and Oral Health and Society divisions of our Faculty, the program will build upon our stellar research reputation and Ad hoc PhD program, which was closed to new enrolment at the end of 2016. The new PhD will embrace interdisciplinarity by fostering an understanding of how to work or collaborate across disciplines; a foundational course will help all students broaden their horizons to understand the value of diverse fields of research and methods both within and outside the Faculty. Additional courses will emphasise leadership and provide opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to the pursuit of health sciences research.

The new PhD program has already passed through a series of committees internal to McGill on its pathway to approval. We are currently preparing the final dossier required by the Ministry of Higher Education, which should be ready for submission by the end of the year. Once the dossier leaves the university, an independent academic committee will evaluate its merit and make a recommendation to the Ministry. The Ministry will also judge our program on its potential contribution to Quebec society. We look forward to updating you on our progress through the approval process!

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