2017 Dr. Ralph Silverstone Award goes to Dr. Laura de Vreeze


Dr. Laura de Vreeze speaks at the White Coat Ceremony after receiving the Dr. Ralph Silverstone Award in Dental Education on September 27, 2017.
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Dr. Laura de Vreeze, BScN ’76, DMD ’86, has been awarded the Dr. Ralph Silverstone Award in Dental Education. This award recognises outstanding contributions by a clinical or laboratory supervisor teaching in the DMD program.

“I am very honoured about this incredible endorsement of my work by the Faculty of Dentistry,” says Dr. de Vreeze. “But this is really a community effort. My colleagues, the staff, the students, and the patients are all part of why the teaching and learning is performed at an excellent level. Over the years, I have been part of this, enjoying passing on my experience in helping the students to broaden their knowledge and develop their patient-care skills. I, in turn, am constantly learning new and updated information through everyone involved within the Faculty of Dentistry.”

Every year this award goes to a deserving clinical instructor, a group of professors that is incredible important for our DMD program. We depend on them to teach and mentor our students and to ensure the clinic runs smoothly. Dr. de Vreeze typifies this dedication to our program. Since 1998, she has been demonstrating her wonderful patience and understanding with students, while also being full of initiative to help ensure everything runs smoothly. Congratulations Dr. de Vreeze for this award and thanks very much for your excellent service to the Faculty over many years!

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