MDGSS Academic Event May 2017

April 2017


Lecture Title: New insights in periodontal microbiology: from pathogenic to dysbiotic

The evolution of concepts on periodontal microbiology have changed with the evolution of microbiological
methods over time. The advent of molecular technologies to the analysis of the periodontal microbiome is
leading to an expanded repertoire of putative periodontal pathogens and the use of next-generation
sequencing has enabled the identification of multiple non-cultivable microorganisms whose significance
still needs to be elucidated. Similarly, the study of microbial communities as biofilms has facilitated the
understanding of the defence and pathogenic mechanisms of the oral microbiome and its interaction with
the host defences. In this presentation, the new concepts of symbiosis and dysbiosis as key mechanisms
in health and periodontal disease will be discussed, as well as the role of the so-called keystone

Lecture Title: Immediate Implants. From myth to reality

This surgical protocol has gained important attention in implant dentistry due to its clear advantages in
terms of patient’s preference and possible enhanced tissue reconstructive and aesthetic results. Until
recently, however, we did not count with the scientific evidence of the biological behaviour of dental
implants inserted in fresh extractions sockets, as well as their impact in the alveoli bony walls. In this
presentation we shall review the experimental and clinical data demonstrating the efficacy and the limits of
this surgical protocol, what will enable us to discuss its clinical indications, as well as its main limitation

Mariano Sanz CV
• MD – Degree-Universidad Complutense of Madrid (MD)
• Specialist in Stomatology. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (DDS)
• Specialist in.Periodontology. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
• Doctor en Medicine (PhD degree). Universidad Complutense de Madrid (DrMed)
• Honorary Doctorate Degree by the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) (DrHC)
• Honorary Doctorate Degree by the University of Coimbra (Portugal) (DrHC)
• Honorary Doctorate Degree by the University of San Sebastian in Santiago de Chile (DrHC)
• Professor of Periodontology. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
• Director of the Graduate Programme “Master in Periodontology”. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
• President of the Osteology Foundation
• Chairman of the Workshop Committee of the European Federation of Periodontology
• Past – Dean of the Faculty of Odontology. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
• Past – President of the European Conference of Dental Deans (ADEE)
• Past-Secretary General of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP)
• Past-President of the Spanish Society of Periodontology (SEPA)
• Past -President of the Pan European Region (PER) of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR-CED)
• Associate Editor of the Scientific Journal Evidence-Based Dental Practice and Journal of Clinical Periodontology
• Has published more than 250 scientific articles and book chapters in Periodontology, Implant Dentistry and Dental Education.
• Has given multiple courses and seminars in Periodontology, Implant Dentistry and Dental Education.

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