12th Annual Research Day Winners Announced

April 2017

The Faculty of Dentistry Research Day provides an excellent opportunity for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research assistants and research associates to showcase their research work in academic posters and oral presentations. Held on April 6, 2017 at New Residence Hall this year was the 12th edition of Research Day. The day was packed with intellectually inspiring graduate research work from a wide range of subjects from both Research Divisions. It was also an honour and pleasure to host Keynote Speaker Dr. Eduardo L. Franco, a James McGill Professor at the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry

Congratulations to all this year’s winners!

Poster Presentation Winners

1st Betty Hoac
Project title: Ablation of osteopontin in osteomalacic Hyp mice partially rescues the deficient mineralisation without correcting hypophosphatemia. (Supervisor: Marc McKee)
2nd Awatef Enagrat
Project title: Cell autonomous role of Phosphatase orphan 1 in skeletal tissue development. (Supervisor: Monzur Murshed)
3rd Muthu Lakshmi Muthu
Project title: Role of fibrillin-1 fragments in osteoclast regulation. (Supervisors: Dieter Reinhardt, Svetlana Komarova)

Oral Presentation Winners

1st Nioushah Noushi
Project title: Towards person-centred care: Perspectives pf free dental clinic users. (Supervisors: Christophe Bedos)
2nd Yara Oweis
Project title: Metal-composite adhesion based on diazonium chemistry. (Supervisors: Faleh Tamimi)
3rd Frances Wang
Project title: Excessive temporomandibular joint overloading leads to neuropathic orofacial pain in mice. (Ji Zhang)

Knowledge Translation

Biomedical Division: Qiman Gao
Project title: Application prospect of needle-free device in dental anesthesia. (Supervisor: Faleh Tamimi)
Oral Health and Society Division: Entisar Abdulkader
Project title: Patient’ experience of pain during implant prosthetic rehabilitation: A qualitative study protocol. (Supervisor: Richard Hovey)

Vice Chair for 2018 : Entisar Abdulkader

See all of the photos from the day on our Facebook page.

Dr. Maryam Tabrizian gives the welcome address

Organising Committee (from L to R): Haider Al-Waeli (Vice-Chair), Marlene Balena (Event Coordinator), Dimitra Athanasiadou (Chair), Dr. Marc O. Martel (Advisor)

Keynotes speaker Dr. Edouardo L. Franco

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