Winners of the BMS Best Research Paper 2016 competition announced

April 2017

Every year the Division of Biomedical Sciences of Faculty of Dentistry organizes Best Research Papers competition for current graduate students in the Faculty who have published an original paper in the field of biomedical sciences in a peer-reviewed journal. The winners were announced at the Annual Research Day on April 6. Congratulations to this year’s winner!

1)      Mohamed Nur Abdallah et al. (2016) Diagenesis-inspired reaction of magnesium ions with surface enamel mineral modifies properties of human teeth. Acta Biomater.

2)      Li J, Garthiga Manickam et al. (2016) Smpd3 Expression in both Chondrocytes and Osteoblasts Is Required for Normal Endochondral Bone Development. Mol Cell Biol

3)      Andre Charbonneau et al. (2016). Oral-Facial Tissue Reconstruction in the Regenerative Axolotl. J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol.

The best three papers are chosen by an ad hoc committee composed of BMS Faculty members. Judging criteria was quality of the data, quality of the journal, and potential impact of the findings.


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