Dr. Rapheal de Souza and team awarded ITI Grant

February 2017

Dr. Raphael de Souza
Congratulations to Dr. Raphael de Souza and his team members for their success on the ITI grant application on:

“Single implant overdentures retained by the Novaloc attachment system: a mixed methods randomized trial”

Elders are the more likely to have no teeth and little remaining jaw bone; the lack of bone makes it difficult to place dental implants. In addition, the cost of implant treatment is usually far beyond the means of most elders. This can be minimised by using a minimum number of implants, such as a single implant in the anterior lower jaw. Implant-assisted dentures are attached to the implant using a connector (technically known as attachment) that holds the denture tight. In this study, Dr. de Souza and his team will do a clinical study to compare a new type of connector to another often used worldwide, made of stronger materials and with better fit, used on a single implant in the lower jaw. Elderly patients using these will rate their satisfaction with both types and describe their experiences with each connector in interviews, and we will estimate involved costs associated with each connector.

PI: Raphael de Souza
Co-investigators: Jocelyne Feine and Shahrokh Esfandiari, Nicholas Makhoul and Christophe Bedos
Consultants: Samer Abi Nader and Didem Dagdeviren

Amount: $ 99,923 US
Dates: 2017-2020

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