Smiles of McGill Dentistry – Chantal Czerednikow

December 2016


“One afternoon on the bus, I bumped into the mother of a patient from the clinic where I supervise 4th year students. Their family recently immigrated from Korea and her 5 year old daughter doesn’t have medicare coverage yet, so they found their way to the McGill Paediatric Clinic at the MCH, which provides free care for refugees and recent immigrant children. During our bus ride across the city, she shared with me how impressed she was with the care and attention her daughter received at each visit. The extra time taken to explain the treatment plan and hygiene advice was appreciated, since English and French are still new languages for her and her daughter. She was very grateful not only for the free dental care, but also that it was delivered with warmth and kindness. What brought the biggest smile to my face was when she said “Now flossing is fun! My daughter asks me to floss because we have the sticker chart;” a simple calendar decorated with a cartoon toothbrush, toothpaste and floss I made for a group project in my 3rd year of dental school. The positive impact that a few stickers, a calendar and some enthusiasm can have on a family’s habits always finds a way to pleasantly surprise me. ”

– Dr. Chantal Czerednikow, Instructor McGill Faculty of Dentistry (Montreal Children’s Hospital)



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