Dentistry Presence on the Advisory Committee for the Selection of the Dean of Students


Shahrokh EsfandiariOn May 3rd, Deputy Provost Prof. Ollivier Dyens announced the composition of the Advisory Committee for the Selection of the Dean of Students. The Faculty of Dentistry is proud to have Dr. Shahrokh Esfandiari as part of this important Committee, representing the Senate.

In his announcement email, Prof. Dyens also highlights the need for input from the McGill community: “Please forward any general comments or advice that you believe would be important for the Committee to consider. All correspondence will be treated in the strictest confidence. Please submit your comments in writing to Professor Ollivier Dyens, Deputy Provost, Student Life and Learning, c/o Secretariat to: James Administration Building, 845 Sherbrooke Street West, Room 313, Montreal QC H3A 3T5, or by e-mail to: by May 20, 2016.”

Dean of Students Andre Costopoulos, in his post since 2012, is leaving McGill at the end of his first term in June. He will be joining the University of Alberta in Edmonton as Vice-Provost and Dean of Students.

The committee is comprised of the following members:

Chair: Professor Ollivier Dyens, Deputy-Provost

Representative of the Board of Governors: Ms. Sally McDougall

Representatives of Senate: Professor Shahrokh Esfandiari & Professor Tracy Webb

4 Student Representatives:

–          PGSS: Mr. Ayokunle Olanrewaju

–          SSMU: Ms. Charlotte Doucette

–          Student Senator: Ms. Shannon Snow

–          MCSS: TBA

Administrative Member of Student Life and Learning: Ms. Kathleen Massey

Resource Person: Mr. Richard Courtois

Secretary:  Ms. Edyta Rogowska

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