Research Seminar Series

May 2016

Title: Cells and Viscoelasticity

Speaker: Dr. David Mooney, Ph.D. – School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Wyss Institute, Harvard University

Brief summary : There is tremendous interest in the role of substrate stiffness on cell behavior, but most current work ignores that tissues are typically viscoelastic. We have been studying the impact of biomaterial stiffness and stress-relaxation on interacting cancerous and stem cells, and developed materials that allow changes in mechanical properties to be decoupled from changes in hydrogel architecture. To exploit the impact of these properties at the single cell level, a microfluidic-based method for encapsulating single cells in an ~5 micron thick layer of hydrogel has been developed.

Note: MDGSS Hosted Seminar

Dr. David Mooney

Dr. David Mooney

Attendance at Dr. David Mooney's lecture.

Attendance at Dr. David Mooney’s lecture.

Drs. David Mooney and Paul Allison

Drs. David Mooney and Paul Allison

Drs. David Mooney and Paul Allison, with organizing committee.

Basem Danish, Frances Wang, Haider Al-Waeli, Dr. David Mooney, Dr. Paul Allison, Dr. Maryam Tabrizian, Nioushah Noushi, Gurveen Gill, Svetlana Komarova.

Drs. David Mooney and Faleh Tamimi

Drs. David Mooney and Faleh Tamimi

Organizing Committee

Basem Danish, Gurveen Gill, Nioushah Noushi, Amarjot Singh, Haider Al-Waeli, Dr. Mark McKee, Frances Wang.




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