Faculty Announces 2016 -2017 Studentship Awards


Each year the Faculty of Dentistry has an internal competition for studentship awards to pay a portion or all of the annual student stipends that graduate students may receive while at McGill.  The funds for this program typically come from the Faculty’s research accounts (which include a Faculty portion of research overhead costs received by the University), and from endowed and other research funds established by generous donors.  This year we were able to provide funding for eight such studentships to the following graduate students:

  • Dimitra Athanasiadou, Supervised by Marc McKee
  • Dong Dong Fang, Supervised by Simon Tran
  • Kausher Jahan, Supervised by Maryam Tabrizian
  • Sreenath Arekunnath Madathil, Supervised by Belinda Nicolau
  • Garthiga Manickam, Supervised by Monzur Murshed
  • Yara Oweis, Supervised by Faleh Tamimi
  • Huifang Sun, Supervised by Mari Kaartinen
  • Guan Yun Wang, Supervised by Ji Zhang

For more information on Studentships and Fellowships see the Faculty website.

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