Faculty Council Meeting Goes Live!

January 2016

For the first time Faculty Council meeting was live broadcasted for everyone to participate and attend on January 27th. The experience was a success with remote attendees being able to participate in the online chat discussion and ask questions in real time.

“Not being able to attend tonight’s faculty council meeting in person, I felt thoroughly engaged in the meeting nonetheless, thanks to remote access using the “Blue Jeans “application. The video and audio quality were great and I interacted throughout the meeting via text and had my concerns and questions proposed in real time. Swiping within the application allows you to mirror whatever is projected to the live audience. I have no doubt that staff participation will increase with this initiative.”

– Dr. Earl Karanofsky

“I thought the software was fantastic, the quality of the audio was great and the screen sharing worked very well.”

– Dr. Nick Makhoul

“I think that it was a wonderful initiative, it allowed the Council to become available to others who could not be present. My only suggestion is that there were occasions that I would have liked to know who was speaking. Perhaps everyone could identify themselves at all times. Your presence online receiving our comments is an added benefit.”

– Dr. Michael Wiseman

“Thank you! It was very easy to follow the proceedings.”

– Dr. Mel Schwartz

Faculty Council 1

Faculty Council 2
Thank you to all of those who connected from a distance! Given the success of this first experience, we will try it again for next Faculty Council. Stay tuned for more information.

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