The Dental Practice Management Study Club


The Faculty is pleased to announce the formation of the Dental Practice Management Study Club. The club aims to be your platform for exchange on topics pertinent to the business of dentistry and to promote sound management practices.

The Club will host speakers of different backgrounds in marketing, finance, strategy, entrepreneurship, dental practice management, law, etc.. Through Club Events, we will provide you with information, tools and services beneficial to both pre-, and post-graduation, regardless of whether your future career is in private practice, a hospital setting, or anywhere else.

The Club’s Council is made out of a diverse group of dental students chosen from all academic years in order to best represent the student body:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Anthony Iannella
President: Adham Fares
Vice President: Ryan Siciliano
Event Managers: Chrissa Zarafonitis, Dustin Kennedy
Social Media Manager: David Wu
Secretary: Anthea Chang
First Year Rep: Shalom Benzaquen
Third Year Rep: Cleo Beaulieu
Fourth Year Rep: TBA

If you have any questions please send me an email at

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