Graduate Students confer degrees


Congratulations to all of our graduate students who conferred their degrees recently:


Aya Bennagi – Thesis Title: Role of ATP and ATPase activity in mineralization
Supervisor: Dr. Mari Kaartinen

André Charbonneau – Thesis Title: The axolotl’s oral and neck tissue regeneration following surgical resection
Supervisor: Dr. Simon Tran

Amir Shah – Thesis Title: A study of oral care provision to functionally dependent long-term care
Supervisor: Dr. Mary Ellen Macdonald


Vamseedhar Myneni – Thesis Title: Factor XIII-A and Transglutaminase 2 – Novel regulators of adipocyte differentiation and energy metabolism
Supervisor: Dr. Mari Kaartinen

Shuai (Peter) Wang – Thesis Title: The roles of cellular Factor XIII-A in osteoblasts
Supervisor: Dr. Mari Kaartinen

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