Graduate students win travel award to attend NCOHR workshops


Participants of NCOHR’s 2015 summer “Technology, Translation and Commercialization” Workshop. Image courtesy of NCOHR

Graduate students Kelvin I. Afrashtehfar, Ashwaq Al-Hashedi and Fahd Ahmed won the travel award competition to attend the NCOHR’s 2015 summer “Technology, Translation and Commercialization” Workshop held at the University of Toronto from July 30 – 31. The three were selected to represent our Faculty and present a poster during the event.

Leading up to the event was the NCOHR funded one day Student Trainee Workshop entitled “Schmoozing Your Way to a Successful Scientific Career”.

The goal of these workshops is to introduce and discuss the potential opportunities that exist by taking a pro-active approach to implementing research commercialization into curriculum and to encourage members of our dental science community to take advantage of this changing research and training environment.

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