MDGSS and PGSS Elections


Elections of this year’s McGill Dentistry Graduate Student Society (MDGSS) executive committee and the Post-Graduate Student Society (PGSS) representatives will be held on Friday, September 18th at 12 pm at 5th floor, Room 541, 2001 McGill College Ave.

McGill Dentistry Graduate Student Society (MDGSS) is a student run society which serves different purposes including representation of dentistry graduate students as appropriate, organizing social as well as academic events and fostering a sense of community, academic and otherwise, within the faculty, university and other organizations of similar nature. MDGSS is managed by members of the executive committee who are elected by fellow graduate students to represent them as appropriate.

If you are interested in running for any positions (see below) kindly send in your nominations by no later than Wednesday, 16th of September, 1159 pm at

There is no prior experience needed to run for these positions. Following is a short summary of responsibilities of each executive’s position:

1. President
President is responsible for chairing MDGSS meetings as well as representing MDGSS at all meetings at Dentistry, McGill-wide and any relevant external entities.

2. VP Academic
VP Academic is responsible for conducting and/or facilitating academic events (e.g. research seminar) for Dentistry graduate students.

3. VP Communication
VP Communication is responsible for recording minutes of MDGSS executive meetings, advertising MDGSS social and academic events and communicating (via email or phone) on behalf of MDGSS, wherever necessary.

4. VP Finance
VP Finance is responsible for managing the annual MDGSS budget, while keeping records of transactions and arranging for reimbursements.

5. VP Social
VP Social is responsible for conducting social events for the graduate students to promote social interaction between graduate students, faculty and staff.


1. PGSS Councillor (2 positions)
Duties include attending one 2-hour meeting once a month to discuss and vote on student affairs on behalf of all Dentistry graduate students. Dinner is provided at each meeting.

Best regards,

MDGSS Exec Committee (2014-15)
President: Ahad S Ahmed
VP Academic: Khurram Khan
VP Communication: Garthiga Manickam
VP Finance: Vivek Verma
VP Social: Amrita Kumari
PGSS Councillors: Basem Danish and Sandrine Couldwell
AGSEM Delegate: Vivek Verma

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