Celine Ash and Nikoo Taghavi awarded Most Valuable Person Award


Congratulations to Celine Ash and Nikoo Taghavi for being awarded the Faculty’s Most Valuable Person Award! Both have been selected for their outstanding contributions to the work of the Faculty. Both Celine and Nikoo have been central to much of the work undertaken as the Faculty has undergone tremendous change over the past year.

Celine works in the dispensary for the main undergraduate teaching clinic and has demonstrated outstanding leadership, initiative, problem-solving skills, organization, hard work and passion as she has adapted to the new environment, and herself found ways to improve the systems we use in the clinic. Celine was also recognized for her contribution to helping students at last weekend’s Graduation Roast Dinner.

In her role, Nikoo has been just as active and imaginative. Nikoo leads the team organizing and administering our DMD program. This year our DMD curriculum has also undergone many changes. With the move into our new facility, the organisation of our 2nd, 3rd and 4th year teaching has also changed radically. Lastly, the Faculty is currently making significant modifications to the clinical curriculum with new pain, oral surgery, implant and emergency clinics already occurring or on the horizon. Nikoo’s outstanding dedication to ensure all these changes occur as seamlessly as possible is exemplary, while her warm, empathetic, cheerful and calm approach make it feel as though nothing is too much trouble.

Congratulations to both Celine and Nikoo and thanks also to all the nominees and all our support staff.

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