Outstanding Alumnus Award goes to Dr. Melvin Schwartz


Dr. Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz named as outstanding alumnus and presents Drs. Lesley Bergman and Sarah Lachaine with the Dr. Mel Schwartz Award for Excellent Patient Care in the GPR Program

Congratulations to this year’s winner of the Faculty of Dentistry Outstanding Alumnus Award Dr. Mel Schwartz, Chief of the Dental Department at the Jewish General Hospital! Dr. Schwartz has provided and continues to provide outstanding service to the residents, patients and colleagues who visit and work at the JGH. He has also provided outstanding leadership at the ODQ and within the Canadian Hospital Dentistry community, among other groups.

In this role and in leading the General Practice Residency (GPR) Program and the dental service at the JGH for so many years, Dr. Schwartz has had and continues to have a huge impact on the McGill Faculty of Dentistry Community. “Mel and I are very appreciative and proud of our training at McGill and strive to reflect the values and traditions of “McGill Men” in all the roles we engage in”, says Dr. Lenard Schwartz, his twin brother and fellow dentist. “McGill Men” was how their mother proudly referred to her boys that she raised on her own following their father’s death.

Linked to this award each year, and perhaps even more appropriately than ever, is an award to a GPR resident who has demonstrated excellent clinical care for patients in the McGill GPR program. This year, two awardees have been chosen for the Dr. Mel Schwartz Award for Excellent Patient Care in the GPR Program: Drs. Lesley Bergman (McGill DMD 2014) from the JGH and Dr. Sarah Lachaine from the MGH. Congratulations to both of these residents for the outstanding work they have done in their program this year.

These awards have been created through a very generous donation to the Faculty of Dentistry from the Courthill Foundation. The purpose of the award is twofold:
1. To recognize and reward alumni of McGill’s Faculty of Dentistry who have demonstrated, over a period of time, exceptional contributions to the Faculty and commitment to the betterment of dentistry in various ways.
2. To support residents in the Faculty of Dentistry’s GPR Program. The resident is to be chosen on the basis of excellent quality of clinical care they have provided to patients as a dental student.

All of these awards will be presented at the Faculty’s Alumni Reception on the evening of May 25th at the Intercontinental Hotel (see attached invitation), to which all Faculty alumni, staff, professors, students and residents are welcome.

Congratulations to all of these awardees for their wonderful work with the Faculty!

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