Faculty of Dentistry adopts MMIs for all incoming students

Courtesy of Virginia Tech School of Medicine

Courtesy of Virginia Tech School of Medicine

As of September 2015, all new students entering the Faculty of Dentistry will have been interviewed using Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs). The increasingly popular admission tool is already used by the Faculty of Medicine and for the Degree Completion DMD student applicants. MMIs are most commonly used to assess candidates for admission to educational programs within the health professions.

The Faculty of Dentistry MMIs consist in a circuit of 10 short stations. Each station is set up to assess non-cognitive skills that cannot be assessed by looking at grades. The stations evaluate characteristics such as communication, responsibility, collegiality, compassion, teamwork, altruism, etc. that the Faculty has established are important to becoming a successful dentists. There is also a conventional CV station where the student can talk about their personal achievements.

“We decided to change the way we select students for the DMD program to increase the reliability and validity of our process,” says Dr. Marie Dagenais, Chair of the Admissions Committee. “We can now measure human qualities and not just academics.”

MMIs were used for the first time in 2003 by McMaster University where they developed the interview method to address common problems that occurred in medical school and following it, once students became doctors and began working closely with patients. Professional schools seek to admit individuals that make not only excellent students, but ultimately become outstanding professionals. To do so, they need to excel academically but also be personable and professional. The MMI was invented to judge these characteristics in addition to grade point averages.

By having standardized questions, multiple interviewers and multiple tests that gauge for different skills, the MMIs are currently deemed the best way to do just this.

The Faculty has already held one day of MMIs for candidates of the 4-year DMD program on February 19, 2015. A second date for applicants to the DMD, DENT-P Program will occur on April 22, 2015.

For more information on MMIs click here.

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