MDGSS Elects Executive team

December 2014

The McGill Dental Graduate Student Society (MDGSS) is a student society for current graduate students and postdocs enrolled in the Faculty of Dentistry. All graduate students are members of the society by default. To represent the society, we have an executive committee which is responsible for providing you representation in academic and non-academic affairs which are relevant to the society. In addition, MDGSS is also responsible for organizing academic and social events for the students. Above all the MDGSS acts with a vision to develop a sense of community within the graduate students and postdocs.

The MDGSS Exective team for the 2014 -2015 academic year is the following:

President: Ahad S. Ahmed
VP Academics: Khurram Khan
VP Communication: Garthiga Manickam
VP Finance: Vivek Verma
VP Social: Amrita Kumari
PGSS Councillors: Basem Danish and Sandrine Couldwell
AGSEM Delegate: Vivek Verma

For more information, updates or to get involved please visit or contact us through email.

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