Mandana Bornapour, Professors Cerruti and Tamimi awarded Mitacs-Accelerate

December 2014

MB December 10, 2014
Mandana Bornapour was awarded the Mitacs-Accelerate Award for her work with supervisors Professors Cerruti and Tamimi. The total amount of the grant is $45 000.

The award will go be used to investigate techniques already used in restorative dentistry in industrial metallurgy; the development of a simple and inexpensive method to quantify surface contamination on metals. Metallic parts are used in combination with oil or grease in many applications, for example in car engines or hinges. To re-use them, the surface of the metal needs to be cleaned. Current technology makes use of solvents to remove the contamination. Although very effective, this method is polluting.

Their industry partner (Walter Surface Technologies) has developed a new technology with very low environmental impact. Walter Surface Technologies wishes to test the effectiveness of their technology by measuring the amount of contaminant left on metal surfaces after cleaning with their products. However there are no current methods to determine surface cleanliness quickly and inexpensively.

Bronapour proposes a new method based on dyes, which will allow for a fast, easy and cheap test of the level of cleanliness of any metal. Since there is no current standard to determine metal surface cleanliness, this method is likely to be of interest not only to Walter but to many other industries. Walter would like to commercialize this method should the project bring to the expected outcome.

For more information see the Mitacs site

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