2016-2017 Issue 1

Dean Judith Potter

2015-2016 Issue 2

Dean Judith Potter
We at the School are driven by our core values. We value and respect diversity, we strive for excellence in all that we do, and we are committed to collaborating with multiple stakeholders. In this issue, we highlight some of the many ways in which the School dedicates itself to community engagement.

2015-2016 Issue 1

Learn. Connect. Elevate.
Our new tagline places all the School offers our learners and partners in the spotlight, and this issue does the same.
Dean Judith Potter

2014-2015 Issue 2

Dean Judith PotterSuccess can take many forms. And at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies, we’re surrounded by it.

2014-2015 Issue 1

It’s a question we often ask our potential students, but this exercise in self-reflection is applicable to us all. It is especially relevant now, as we are at the midpoint of our strategic plan and starting a new year. As a result, the theme of our latest issue is our vision for the future.

2014-2015 Issue 1

The School has grown considerably over the past five years, It has also successfully increased student numbers, teaching staff, and revenue. “We’ve grown our offerings and grown or numbers, and we’ve come a long way,” says Dean Potter. “This is a team effort.”

2013-2014 Issue 2

Connection. In our digital world, this word conjures countless images of cellphones, wireless routers, Bluetooth headsets, and a host of other electronic devices. The World Wide Web epitomizes the concept of connection by virtually linking humans from every corner of the globe.

In this era, our possibilities for connection are boundless.

2013-2014 Issue 2

25 Years of MCLLThis summer, the McGill Community of Life Learning (MCLL) returns to its birthplace, the Stephen Leacock Building on McGill’s main campus, to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The community will host a one-day conference, Celebrating Lifelong Learning, on August 20.

2010-2011 Issue 2

One of our major new projects takes the renowned expertise of Dr. Alain Brunet, a Faculty of Medicine professor, to a very wide audience. Through the cooperation of several McGill units, we have made Dr. Brunet’s important diagnostic information about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) available online – in an entirely self-guided course – for health-care professionals around the world.

2011-2012 Issue 2

Welcome to our Spring Convocation issue. As the campus burgeons in a hundred shades of green, we celebrate our learners’ achievements and explore fresh new programs designed to enrich your all-round educational experience. The School of Continuing Studies exists to develop and deliver a wide variety of learning opportunities that meet the needs and interests of our communities. In addition, as we highlight in this issue, the School offers many services designed to support the success of our students.