What Do You Have In Mind?

It’s a question we often ask our potential students, but this exercise in self-reflection is applicable to us all. It is especially relevant now, as we are at the midpoint of our strategic plan and starting a new year. As a result, the theme of our latest issue is our vision for the future.

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“The world is going to be looking at this”

Debbie Blythe has had a dual role as both a professional translator and a lecturer in the Translation and Written Communication Unit at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies for over 20 years. This past summer, she dedicated herself to a very special project.TurkeyGhost

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6 Things Mitch Joel is Thinking About Right Now

Mitch Joel is kind of a big deal. The digital marketing expert and frequent adviser to Fortune 500 companies was a guest in instructor Brendan Walsh’s Internal Stakeholder Communications class.

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Stephanie Jonah: Finding her Place

Stephanie JonahStephanie Jonah is a Cree woman from Waskaganish who works as a project administrator.
Although she loves her job, she’d been looking for an opportunity to return to school and pursue higher education. “I’m always trying to learn,” says Stephanie, “but I don’t want to leave my job.”
She found exactly what she was looking for when she discovered McGill’s online courses in Business Management and Entrepreneurship for Indigenous People.

Rash Ayouby’s Interview Tips

Rasha Ayouby walked out of her most recent interview with a job offer.
Because she’s currently taking a Managerial Economics course at the McGill School of Continuing Studies, “I was able to show that I won’t just learn from inside the company, but that I also bring knowledge and can apply it here. There’s value in that, and companies know it.”

‘It Was Really Easy For Me’

BissanChalichAfter enjoying a 14-year career in architecture, Bissan Chalich decided it was time to build on her strengths and experience. As a result she decided to pursue the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential from the Project Management Institute (PMI).
“I wanted two things from the program,” says Chalich. “To learn more about project management, and to prepare for the exam.”

‘I Found What I was Missing’

JmorenoJenny Moreno had taken plenty of French courses since arriving in Quebec, yet she wasn’t confident that she could communicate in French at a professional level.
Then she found McGill’s French and English Online Courses, and she knew she’d found what she’d been looking for.

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Building International Connections

globe_peopleFiras Alhafidh has an office on McGill campus, but an eye on the world. As Director of Language and Intercultural Communication for McGill’s School of Continuing Studies, he’s been undertaking some major new initiatives as part of the unit’s strategic plan.
“We’ve done a lot to expand our coverage and branding, both internationally and domestically,” says Alhafidh. “It’s part of our goal to establish the Languages and Intercultural Communication unit as collaborators within McGill.”

Embracing Technology

“We’re not so much focused on the technology as we are on learning, and that’s what’s really new,” says Jean-Paul Remillieux, Director of Instructor Services and Educational Technologies.

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Immigration and Professional Transitions: Defining your Value Proposition

Defining Your Value Proposition“Why should we hire you?”
It’s a question asked in many job interviews, and it can be a tricky one to answer. When it’s likely that several other candidates are being considered for the same position, how do you make yourself stand out in a positive way?

Immigration and Professional Transitions: Investing in Yourself

Those who make the decision to move to a new country share many of the same characteristics: independence, self-confidence, and determination. If you possess these qualities, you may have already considered starting your own business as a newcomer.

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