Realizing Potential at the 2018 Job Fair

2016-2017 Issue 1

McGill SCS students and alumni put their interpersonal and presentation skills to the test at the 2018 Job Fair. Meeting with employers face to face was a change of pace from online interaction for many participants. A wide range of employers were in attendance, from local businesses to large corporations, offering the best of the Montreal job market.

Andre Biaokai Wang, a current Professional Development Certificate in Project Management student, gained a refreshed perspective on his field of interest. “When you search online, it is very hard to talk to the Human Resources department directly,” adds Wang.

As an applicant to the Graduate Diploma in Supply Change Management program, he has newfound confidence in entering the field. “I don’t have directly related experience to supply chain management, but I think my experience can link to logistics roles,” explains Wang. “Before I came, I thought I would have a hard time, but I talked to [employers] and they are interested.”

Andre at the Job Fair.

For newcomers, it can be a great opportunity to connect to local employers. Patricia Bittencourt Varella has benefited from the support of the Careers and Transition Services (CATS) team since arriving in Montreal and completing a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management.

The Job Prep Sessions were particular useful to understanding what attending employers were looking for. “When you are new in town or you are changing careers, it isn’t easy,” says Varella. “Knowing the companies and the kinds of positions they are looking for, as well as how to target and network, [allowed us] to create a good impression.”

Whether or not you were able to attend the event, CATS is an invaluable resource for McGill SCS students available year-round. “The CATS team are my coaches,” explains Varella. “I clarified my own expectations and goals, and explored my strengths and capabilities. I gained confidence and the job fair was a perfect place to put that confidence into practice.”

Getting out there to meet with employers matters! The Career an Transition Services team assists students and recent alumni in their career development. Visit their website to learn more and discover other networking events and workshops.

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