“I Just Want to Keep Going”

2016-2017 Issue 1

Christina Parsons’ workday is relatable to many: she works full-time as the Director of Communications for a non-profit organization, and she’s a mom to two young kids. It was only recently that she added something else to her to-do list: professional development courses.

“I studied journalism at Concordia then worked as a news editor, but that was pre-social media,” explains Parsons. “This is our new digital reality, and it’s up to me to keep on top of this fast-changing game. So I thought, ‘I’m going to start with one class and see how it goes.’” That was in fall 2016; by June 2017 she will have completed all five courses in the Professional Development Certificate in Digital Content and Community Management.

Intended for professionals in marketing, public relations and communications, learners acquire skills in digital media, online community management, and content creation management. Parsons took all the courses back-to-back.

“I didn’t know what an impact this program would have on my life,” she says. “It’s been really valuable. It’s given me tips on creating videos, planning marketing strategies, using some great tools and templates, and learning how you can use it all at work.” She frequently found herself “learning something in class today that you can apply at work tomorrow. I would encourage anybody to attend, because it’s been very worthwhile.”

Christina says her instructors were “excellent” and the classes were stimulating. “My classmates were diverse – ranging from mid-20s to 60s – and they all came in with their own experience.” And although she’s completed her certificate, “I definitely want to keep going. Being exposed to people carrying out best practices is really inspiring. It’s given me a lot of energy, and it made me realize that I can do this. It raises your game and raises your confidence. This is my investment in me.”

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