À l’échelle humaine: Job Fairs II

2016-2017 Issue 1

How Should I Prepare?

In our last article, we highlighted the reasons why employers participate in large-scale recruitment events and job fairs, and why you as a candidate should not miss out. Keep in mind that like interviews, job fairs are a two-way street. Do not think of them as a stroll through a shopping mall. You are not simply window shopping in the hope of a great find; you are presenting your own value proposition!

Here are five tips to keep top-of-mind:

  1. Do your research  Review the list of organizations that will be in attendance and familiarize yourself with them before the event. The information you carry is the power you hold to stand out in the knowledge economy. Research the company trends, recent developments, market positioning, mission statement and short-term objectives.
  1. Focus on three or four employers of interest  A targeted approach will yield much better results than approaching them blindly simply out of curiosity. You do not get a second chance at a first impression. Make sure yours is an impressive one by conveying that you were looking forward to speaking specifically with them, and that you are not just collecting business cards in exchange for your own.
  1. Prepare to discuss your fit and your value-add  You should be able to articulate, in one minute or less, how your profile corresponds to the qualifications they’re looking for. This may even secure you an interview on the spot.
  1. Adapt your message to your audience  You’re offering a solution to a need, not sharing your memoir. Be concise, articulate and friendly, and do not overstay your welcome. A four to five-minute conversation is enough to leave them wanting more and should wrap up with a commitment to follow up.
  1. Remember to position yourself as a professional offering value, not a job seeker asking for a favour. This is perhaps the most important tip in ensuring the right mindset – a combination of confidence and humility. No one hires a candidate as a favour. A vacancy represents a need, and if you can fill it, you are just as important to the organization as they are to you.

In a nutshell, job fairs provide each party with tremendous virtual and face-to-face opportunities to engage with a broad audience. You can also explore your potential fit prior to making any commitments. And like everything else in our careers, a combination of authenticity, preparation and adaptability is what will set you apart. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll maximize your results at your next career event.


2 Responses to “À l’échelle humaine: Job Fairs II”
  1. Hani Asfour says:

    Good morning,

    Please advise on the following:
    – Where can I find the list of organisations that will be attending the job fairs II;
    – Does this event respond to sr. architects / PM with extensive range of experience;
    – OR it is only made for interns and fresh graduates;

    Best regards,

    • stephanie says:

      Hi Hani,
      The School of Continuing Studies held its first Job Fair in March 2017. it was a success so we do plan on hosting more in the future.
      Our event was specifically for students and alumni with extensive experience.