Inspiring Lifelong Learning

2016-2017 Issue 1

David Carvalho Nov 10 2016David Carvalho has enjoyed many successes. He has a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from McGill University, has earned nearly 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, and recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Management – International Business concentration from McGill’s School of Continuing Studies, graduating with the highest academic standing in the class. Yet upon hearing of his latest achievement he felt “very grateful and honoured. It’s very humbling.”

Carvalho is the recipient of the Resolute Forest Products Prize, awarded twice annually to a student obtaining the highest academic standing in the Graduate Diploma in Management.

“I cannot express what an honour it is, as well as how humbling it has been, to be given this recognition,” says Carvalho. “Coming from a family that immigrated to Canada, learning and working hard was instilled in us. I would like to thank Resolute Forest Products for their continued support of McGill’s School of Continuing Studies, and let them know of the importance of encouraging lifelong learning and recognizing individuals’ achievements.”

The Resolute Forest Products Prize was established over 30 years ago to do exactly that. “We see continuing education as a transformative learning opportunity,” says Seth Kursman, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Sustainability and Government Affairs. The company was founded in Montreal over 200 years ago, and “we’re always looking for competitive and entrepreneurial individuals to help us innovate. Education is directly aligned with our business strategy and objectives, and it’s an honour to play a positive role in inspiring lifelong learners.”

For Carvalho, the Graduate Diploma allowed him to complement his technical knowledge with business skills – “skills that will enable me to achieve continued success in my career. It also gave me the opportunity to collaborate with diverse students and to learn from the best professors.”

“This award has solidified the fact that one can reach great achievements if they put their heart and mind to it,” says Carvalho. “It will encourage others to do so as well.”


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  1. Laurie Large says:

    Congratulations David…always proud of you