5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in the Coming Year

2016-2017 Issue 1

by Frederic Harnois, Social Lead; Doriane Nasarre, Account Manager; Bloom Search Marketing

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Working in the fast-paced industry that is Digital Marketing, it is a necessity to keep up with trends and upcoming products. As specialists in this field, we strive to be ahead of the curve and are happy to share the latest trends.



With the ubiquity of smartphone ownership, advertisers can no longer ignore mobile. According to a recent Comscore study, 65% of time spent online is on a mobile device. Users are more demanding than ever, expecting lightning-fast loading speeds at all times, especially when it comes to advertisements. To meet these expectations, Google and Facebook have both rolled out solutions for advertisers and publishers alike so that content is built with a mobile-first mindset. You might have stumbled on these pages browsing for news on Google, powered by Accelerated Mobile Pages or on Facebook’s Instant Articles.


More and more of us are now consuming video content online. YouTube, with over 1 billion users, not only reaches more 18–49 year olds than any cable network but also boasts average viewing sessions that last for as long as 40 minutes. It is then no surprise that $1.2 billion and growing is being spent every year on the platform. To sustain such a growth, Google is launching new ad formats, such as Trueview for Shopping, which overlays product recommendations over YouTube videos, making video more viable for direct response marketers.


As mobile use rise, it becomes crucial for advertisers to introduce new ways of reaching users. Facebook just rolled out ads in Facebook Messenger. Advertisers that use messenger for their brand can now reach their customers instantly by sending them sponsored messages.

Google also introduced, a few months ago, a new format of ads called ‘click to text’ which enable potential customers to text messages to the advertiser. Soon we may be able to order our new favorite jeans with a simple SMS.

Machine Learning

As computers grow exponentially more powerful, it becomes possible to build complex models that precisely emulate a wide variety of behaviours. One advancement that has made our daily tasks easier is Machine Learning. Advanced algorithms help us take actionable decisions when it comes to bidding and targeting relevant users. It will not stop here so keep an eye out for what’s coming.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has gained major attention over the last year. On YouTube, 360-degree videos are growing, giving viewers the possibility of seeing every angle by simply swiping around. This creates infinite possibilities for content creators to bring storytelling to the next level. New products are also coming to life making it easier for everyone to experience VR. After their Cardboard viewers, Google recently launched their Daydream headset enabling users to experience virtual reality. We had the chance to try it out at the Google Partners Summit last week and it’s quite the experience!

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