À l’échelle humaine : December 16, 2016

2016-2017 Issue 1


CaTS_MKT_24Heures_121316_2 The rush of festivities that surround the end of the calendar year offers more than just holiday cheer- it means family dinners, office parties and celebratory drinks. There’s an exchange of festive greetings, everyone is in good spirits, and personal and professional updates are sure to be included in the conversation.

That’s why the holidays are a great time to network. Now that you’ve mingled among close contacts and learned what they’re up to, capitalize on it by initiating a follow-up. Provide a helpful piece of information, such as a relevant event or article; offer to make a personal introduction to someone who may be able to give advice; invite your colleagues to connect on LinkedIn.

In the meantime, here are some networking etiquette tips you can use anywhere from a workplace party to a professional networking event.



1. Keep it light

Match your mindset to your event. Work comes up in conversation at during many get-togethers, but this is not the time to ask about compensation and pensions. It can come across as inappropriate or even intrusive. Instead, listen to others, show genuine interest, and keep it pleasant. Even workplace parties are intended as a social event, so chit-chat about things we naturally laugh and bond over, like vacation plans, sports, books, travel, and children.

2. Create a buzz

Write your own advertisement. Emily could introduce herself as “Emilie the career advisor.” But she might catch more interest if she says, “My name is Emilie and I help change lives.” Or if she’s from Vancouver, she could start with, “I’m from the city that hosted the 2010 Olympics.” It may be difficult for people to remember names, but they tend to remember fun facts, stories, or an emotional connection.”
3. Do some detective work

Pay attention, and ask questions. You may encounter opportunities to dig deeper into someone’s career path or current job, so be ready and willing to listen. Networking is an exchange; it’s a chance to cultivate relationships. Encourage them to talk about themselves so you can learn about their aspirations and find out how your skillset and experience can offer some support. Doing this will not only demonstrate your value as a professional, but will also lay the groundwork for a follow-up conversation! Afterwards, they might be more inclined to reach out to assist you in ways you did not know they could.

4. Make it easy for others

Going into an event wearing an interesting wardrobe piece commands attention and makes it easy for others to start a conversation. Just make sure your appearance is appropriate; you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons.

1. Don’t be unprepared

Read a newspaper, catch up on industry news, and be ready to speak with confidence and clarity about your skills and abilities.
2. Don’t forget the basics

Make eye contact, smile, initiate a handshake, don’t slouch, and don’t talk for too long. Put yourself in a giving mindset and you’re sure to avoid any faux pas.



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