Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

2016-2017 Issue 1

Salma Wafaei, Diploma in Management – International Business


Salma Wafaei
Diploma in Management – International Business

“I’m super excited because this is my first diploma from Canada!”


Ioana Suciu
Diploma in Management – Leadership

“Graduation feels great! The student experience was a challenge, and this closes another chapter. My husband and my son and his girlfriend are in the audience, and I think they’re more excited than I am! It’s closure for them too.

“I emigrated from Romania 11 years ago. I studied languages and changed jobs, and now I’m planning to go back to administration where I worked before. But for now I just want to relax after four years of part-time studies.”


Thierry Mayrand
Solution Architect at McGill University

“I attended the School’s convocation ceremony because my wife completed a Certificate in Human Resources Management. She works as an HR advisor in the higher education sector and took one evening course per semester so we could manage family and a work-life balance.

“She wasn’t thinking about going to convocation but she happened to have some colleagues graduating at the same time, so it became a social gathering and a way to cheer each other on. I’d never been to one before but I enjoyed it. I was also managing my kids at the same time, and for them it was about the bagpipe player, the big screen, the huge tent, and seeing their mom walk across the stage. It was good for them to be there; their mom just accomplished something important.”


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