Spring 2016 Award Winners

2016-2017 Issue 1

IMG_3963The School is proud of all our students and alumni, and we are showcasing some who stood out at our Spring 2016 convocation ceremony. Eleven students received awards based on their academic performance, and we had the chance to speak to a few of them on what they’ve achieved and what they’ll do next.


Yvan Bouchard, Certificate in Management
McGill Associates Prize in Management

The McGill Associates’ Prize in Management is awarded annually to the top student in the Certificate in Management program in recognition of high academic achievement. This year the award went to Bouchard. He had just completed his courses when he was promoted to a management position in the IT sector. “I enrolled in the course because I wanted to gain experience in human resources and management, as well as the financial and strategic aspects of management,” says Bouchard. “That’s exactly what I got, and now I’m putting it into practice on the job. I would definitely recommend the program to others.”


Renata de Souza Carvalho Melhem, Certificate in Human Resources Management
Honda Ste-Rose Award

“What I liked most about the program was the fact that most teachers had a lot of hands-on experience, and were able to share their job market experience while teaching,” says de Souza Carvalho Melhem. She began working part-time as a training coordinator before she officially graduated.
She attended the convocation ceremony in June, not yet knowing that she would be recognized as the top student graduating in her program. “I feel like the students of the School have a real group spirit, so I’m looking forward to it.”


Si Triet Nguyen, Diploma in Applied Finance
American Express Prize in Management

Nguyen’s career experience is in IT, but he wanted to learn more about the field of finance. As a result, he enrolled in the Diploma in Applied Finance program, and graduated top of his class. His favourite part was “the quality of the courses. I’ve learned a lot about finance, investment, and business economics. It was really challenging.” Now that he’s graduating, he’ll apply the new theories to his current job in IT.


Sarah Ye, Risk Management
Bernard J Finestone Prize in “Risk Management & Insurance”

Ye works in the insurance industry. While enrolled in the School’s Applied Finance Diploma Program she also took risk management courses for the purpose of career development. She’s already recommended the risk management courses to her colleagues based on the material, her instructors, and her experience with classmates.
“The instructors are really knowledgeable and have a lot of real hands-on experience from working in the industry on a daily basis. As a result you’re not just learning from a book; you’re getting practical skills.” Meanwhile, group projects assigned in class meant “working with people from other relevant fields and industries, so I was learning from my peers at the same time.”


Ghalia Shamayleh, Certificate of Proficiency in French -Language & Culture
Tata Communications Prize in French as a Second Language

Ghalia took the French program because she wanted to improve her French, and that’s exactly what she did. She completed the five-level program in spring, earned the highest mark in the class, and now applies what she learned in the course by conversing in French. “I like the way the program was organized,” says Shamayleh. “Being exposed to the language every day really helped me grow my skills.” She’s looking forward to practicing while earning work experience in Montreal.


Rodrigo Lamar Matos, Certificate of Proficiency in English – Language & Culture
Edward C. Webster Prize

Rodrigo began his studies only two months after arriving in Montreal, and often found himself staying behind after class was over. It was very nice to be able to talk to the teachers and with people from all over the world,” says Rodrigo. “it was fantastic to get together with so many interesting people, and the teachers always have a smile on their face.”
As he advanced through the the program, he was able to correct previous mistakes and noticeably improved his oral skills. “It’s amazing how much we learn, and the weeks fly by so fast! I know it may sound cheesy, but I will be forever grateful for the three months I spent there.”


Delphine Maton, Certificate in Translation – English to French
McGill Associates Prize (French)

Delphine had already been working as a freelance translator when she made the decision to enroll in the School’s Certificate in Translation. Although she had prior experience in the field, her instructors “made us aware of the traps, where to be careful, and what we needed to pay attention to.”
For her, the highlight was the fact that “most of it was really hands-on. We did cover theory, but most of our work was translating, and working to practice our skills. Our teachers treated us as adults who had life experience and could manage ourselves as professionals, and I really appreciated that. We were all there to learn, and I definitely got better at it.”


Julie Ulrich, Certificate in Translation – French to English
McGill Associates Prize (English)

Ulrich had a similar experience. “The program definitely helped me become a better writer, and improved my translation skills,” she says. “I think I learned the most from in-class brainstorming sessions. I really enjoyed that collaboration and constructive criticism were encouraged in class.” She graduated at the top of her class.

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