Giving McGillians the Opportunity to Give Back

2015-2016 Issue 2

When the Canadian government opened their doors to process Syrian refugees earlier this year, the McGill Daily published an article regarding the lack of opportunities to help those in need. “While many students want to help refugees, there appear to be no direct opportunities in the Milton-Parc neighbourhood, an area largely inhabited by McGill students,” wrote McGill Daily news editor Ellen Cools. McGill’s School of Continuing Studies new Seeds of Change project is one way students can make a positive impact on the lives of those who’ve been displaced.

Bursaries for Refugees is the newest project on Seeds of Change, an online crowdfunding platform. Aiming to raise $10,000 in 18 weeks, funds raised will support hardworking and deserving refugees from around the world transition into the Quebec/Canadian workplace through education.

The project is being supported by four team members: McGill graduate and School advisory board member Nabil Beitinjaneh, McGill political science professor Rex Brynen, former student Iqbal Hussain, and McGill parent Kinda Jabber. All encourage the McGill community to financially support this project.

“These bursaries will provide financial support to those who already have enough challenges coming to a new country,” says Nabil Beitinjaneh. “Many come here with education from other parts of the world, but unfortunately that education is not recognized by employers in Canada. Attending McGill will help them adapt to the employment market using skills they already have. It’s a way of providing help to those who are new to the country.”

“The project has already inspired one donor to set up a named bursary for $10,000, which will match the intended proceeds of this project,” says Lynde Kavanagh-Ormond, the School’s development associate. “This has really become a community initiative, and it’s thanks to all who are involved in supporting this worthwhile initiative.”

Get involved at McGill Seeds of Change.


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