À l’échelle humaine: July 13, 2016

2015-2016 Issue 2

IMG_3981Hello dear reader,

Welcome to a series of warm, insightful, and practical exchanges on various facets of your professional transitions.

My name is Maia Korotkina, and I am head of Career Advising & Transition Services at McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies. It is with gratitude and excitement that I dedicate this column to each one of you: the aspiring and established adult professional juggling multiple work and family obligations, and perhaps academic commitments as well. You’re carrying your rich life story with both lessons and pride, possibly bridging cultures and resumes that are not quite aligned, and striving to make sense of the formidable efforts that have propelled you along your non-linear path. With this column, we’ll help you make sense of, and see the value in, your path.

Our heartfelt mission is the following: to equip the native and non-native professional with knowledge and know-how for a fulfilling career in the local labour market. Whether you are returning to the job market after a few years away, considering a new direction in your career, planting social and professional roots in a new home, or just looking for tips in reaching out to your employer of choice, start with your story! Draft, craft and refine your personal narrative. Seek information and guidance to synthesize the efforts you have made to-date. Ask yourself – in this uncomfortable yet necessary stage of introspection – are my efforts aligned with my objectives? Did I pick a train based on its destination, or am I just traveling in the hope that I will like where I’m going?

We live in a new labour market reality with ever-evolving requirements, dizzying technological advances, an increasing focus on studying and continuous learning, pressures to excel at all times, and onus placed on ambition. We are expected to be in networking mode at all times. Does your elevator pitch roll off your tongue? Can you articulate your value proposition on demand? It is easy to get overwhelmed!

Well, whatever your age, whatever your profession, whatever your question, grab a latte and join in the discomfort! I promise you it will be enriching, be it a tough-love reality check or a well-deserved mental hug.

Our first series in the column will focus on the 7-Step Career Roadmap. From articulating your professional profile to-date, to researching labour market demand and patterns, to clarifying the requirements and gaps in your specific objectives, and finally to making it all happen, the next seven articles seek to help you organize your reflections so that your career action plan is founded on clarity, confidence, and know-how.

So let’s first make sense of the “why” and then we’ll jump into the “how”. Our next coffee date is in two weeks!

This article was originally published in French in 24heures Montreal

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