Learn. Connect. JUMP.

2015-2016 Issue 2

Volunteering in Burundi

Nader Diab was 18 years old when he took his first flight. That trip marked his emigration from Lebanon to Montreal, and the beginning of his wanderlust.

Ten years later, Diab has travelled to locations around the world, and is now looking to turn his travels into a humanitarian movement. His first step was enrolling in the Diploma in Public Relations and Communications Management.

Diab earned his undergraduate degree in biology; it was during his study breaks that he started travelling. He soon met Imad Berro, a fellow Lebanese-Canadian and enthusiastic explorer. “We started travelling together,” says Diab. “Our first adventure was from Montreal to Hawaii, exploring the west coast in between.” The two documented their trips in photos, and jumping in mid-air became their signature pose. “We started posting our photos on social media, and developed a following. We created an audition video for the Amazing Race Canada and had thousands of views. But I didn’t want to just be a travel blogger. I was inspired to create something more.”

That something is Globe Jumpers, which Diab and Berro founded in 2012. Together they want to take their global social media following and establish it as a non-profit.

“My background is in biology, but I’m still young and still learning,” says Diab. He had already completed a Spanish course at the School, and returned to speak to an advisor. The advisor recommended the Public Relations and Communications Management program because it includes courses in non-profit communications, fundraising and philanthropy. Diab is now working full-time as a laboratory technician and continuing his studies part-time.

With a strong social media following and a website set to launch this spring, Diab wants to inspire others to follow their dreams and give back. “We began by posting to Instagram. Now we’re on Facebook and Twitter, and our website is launching this spring.” It will feature the pair’s photos and videos, as well as their humanitarian work. Diab and Berro have volunteered in Burundi, spoken to students in Quebec elementary schools, and filmed a travel documentary with Berro’s sister Aya, who has Down’s syndrome.

Diab’s vision for Globe Jumpers is to serve as a global hub for travellers, volunteers and fundraisers, and bring them together to make positive change in the world. “Yes we want to travel, but we also want to help others.” Armed with what he’s learned in his program, Diab hopes to “take Globe Jumpers to the next level.”


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  1. Frida Toumieh says:

    We are proud of you. Go ahead and fulfill your dreams. God less you.