5 Tips from a Project Management Professional

2015-2016 Issue 2

circle_hjbHenri-Jean Bonnis has spent 13 years working in the field of project management, and says it was “totally by chance. I studied engineering, and started my career with a technical position. Soon I was coordinating activities and managing my colleagues’ tasks, so the switch to project management came naturally, without changing jobs.”

Here are 5 tips he suggests for those aspiring to work in the field of project management:

1. Raise Your Hand

“There is no specific path to project management – I think it’s often a matter of opportunity. If you’re on the job and hear a project is about to start, seize the opportunity. That’s how it happened to me!”

2. Get Certified

“PMP® and PRINCE2® are the two most recognized certifications around the globe. Students should get certified as soon as possible. If they do not meet the requirements for PMP®, they can start with the CAPM® certification.”

3. Grow Your Network

“This goes for all professions, but here in Montreal, we have the opportunity to belong to the fifth-largest project managers’ community of the Project Management Institute, and the first one for French speakers. This provides us with an incredible advantage, and opens many doors.”

4. Adapt

“Early in your career, you will rely 90 per cent on technical skills, and 10 per cent on soft skills. As you climb the ladder, it becomes the opposite, and you rely more on your soft skills, such as management and exerting influence.”

5. Get Ready for the Executive Suite

“This is relevant because project management culture is getting an increasing amount of attention at the senior management level. CEOs have no choice but to make their company more adaptive and flexible to change, and they’re realizing that it can only be achieved through projects. As a result, project managers can position themselves as the keystone between high-level strategy and the delivery of short-term results.

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