Preparing for an MBA

2015-2016 Issue 2

HarryS 2When Harry Stergiopoulos was 10 years old he received a briefcase as a birthday gift. He dreamed of joining the business world, but as a young adult he took a detour, earning an undergraduate degree in history. Facing a difficult job market upon graduation, it was the Diploma in Management – Finance at McGill School of Continuing Studies that put him back on track.

“Someone I knew was enrolled in the Diploma program,”says Stergiopoulos, who soon followed suit. “It sparked something in me.” He would go on to earn an MBA in finance, and now works as an investment advisor.

The graduate program helped Stergiopoulos prepare for the next step in his career path. “It required you to be more adult. Instructors don’t just lecture to you, they engage with you. We were encouraged to think outside the box – it was really a graduate-school experience.”

The program included courses in accounting, economics and risk management. “It’s a finance program, so the aim is to make a business leader out of you. You’re learning finance concepts and theories, and everything is a team collaboration. That’s the biggest component of any business program, because that’s absolutely what it’s like in the real world. Along the way I developed communication skills and leadership skills – those are the intangibles you get out of it.”

Because his undergraduate degree was not in business, the Diploma was an asset when he applied to the MBA program. “I was told very clearly at my interview: ‘finish the Diploma first and show us you can complete it.’” He did, and when he was admitted to the MBA program he was able to “apply what I was learning right away. It was a great stepping stone after my undergraduate degree, and I absolutely recommend it.”

The McGill School of Continuing Studies’ graduate programs in management are available here.


2 Responses to “Preparing for an MBA”
  1. Luca T says:

    So McGill is taking into consideration how you do in a certificate /diploma program for an MBA? That is not what I was told, actually I was told it had no value whatsoever even though it was done at McGill in ANY program let alone an MBA. Also what about a GMAT, work experience etc?

  2. stephanie says:

    Hi Luca,
    Thanks for your comment.
    We at the McGill University School of Continuing Studies do not oversee an MBA program. For information specifically on McGill’s MBA program, please contact McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management.