Rewards Realized

2015-2016 Issue 1
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Madeleine Dube

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Edith Gagnon

Madeleine Dube and Edith Gagnon are two recent graduates from the School of Continuing Studies who were surprised to learn that not only did the School provide student awards, scholarships and bursaries, but that they were award recipients.

“I didn’t know there were awards for Continuing Studies students,” says Madeleine Dube. “I though they were only for full-time students.”

Dube had a full-time job while taking classes in the Graduate Diploma in Management – Internet Business Concentration at night. “I gave it my best – working a lot, getting the most out of the program and earning good grades. Receiving this award was like a reward that all my efforts were well worth it.”

Madeleine currently works as a media planner for an advertising agency. She’ll use the knowledge she gained from her program to advise her clients on digital strategy, as well as earning contract jobs with local businesses. “The Strategic Internet Marketing and Web Analytics courses provided me with the foundation I needed to help with search engine optimization and online marketing,” says Madeleine. “And when clients hear that I did my studies at McGill, they’re pretty confident I can handle the job, and that it will be done well.”

She has also applied her skills to her hobby of selling her personal artwork online. “This diploma provided me with tremendous help in setting up a plan for my e-commerce business and strategy.”

Accepting an award alongside Madeleine was Edith Gagnon. She too was taken aback when she was notified she’d won the Jacob Jonker Memorial Prize, recognizing her academic performance as the top student graduating with the Diploma in Management (General). “I was very surprised, and at the same time, I was grateful that my efforts have been recognized. It makes me feel even more proud of my accomplishments.”

Edith already had a Ph.D in experimental medicine when she began pursuing her studies to “broaden my horizons while taking care of my young family. Now that my diploma is completed and my kids are at school, I have the opportunity to undertake a career in health economy and pharmacoeconomics.” In the meantime, she’ll apply what she’s learned to her personal life and to her job search. “What I learned in organizational behavior helps me understand the culture of an organization I might be interested in working for, and I’ll apply my communication and networking skills to build a strong network for my new career.”

Receiving their respective awards meant they were invited to attend the School’s scholarship and awards reception. “It was a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the faculty members, thank the generous donors, and do some networking,” says Edith. “I’m grateful to have had the chance to take part in this event.”

For Madeleine, it was her first time participating in a School networking event, but it won’t be her last. “Now I really feel like part of the community.” Both the event and her award have had lasting effects. “It gave me huge encouragement to continue what I was doing and not give up. It’s helped me to seriously consider eventually pursuing higher education, such as an MBA.”

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