Giving Back

2015-2016 Issue 1


Barbara Seal has seen first-hand the power of education. As a citizenship court judge, she often meets newcomers who are waiting to become Canadians. “Presiding over the swearing-in ceremony for new Canadians is the ultimate pleasure,” says Seal. “You get to know them and hear their stories. People come here from other countries for a better life; some did not have the opportunity to receive the education they want so badly. There are so many stories, and they’ve really touched me.”

Seal was looking for a way to help, so she and her husband Donald W. Seal became the generous sponsors of an endowed scholarship at the School, where many of the learners are newcomers to Canada.

“For me to be able to help them better their lives by establishing a scholarship – it was really a gift for me. It will help them in their career, it’s going to help them in their work, and in the future they will be able to give back. I’ve seen it, and that’s one of the many reasons this is important to me.”

The most recent recipient of the Barbara Seal scholarship is Denys Pishchalov, a student in the Diploma in Accounting program. He arrived in Montreal from Ukraine, where he earned 10 years of experience working in finance and accounting. He also intends to take the Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting.

GivingBack_DenysPishchalovEarning the scholarship was “a mark of distinction for me,” says Pishchalov. “It means I’m doing well, and that’s very important. The gift was a great support for me because I devote all my spare time to studying.”

Pishchalov enrolled in his studies because “I like numbers, and I want to find a job in finance; that’s how I will be able to find self-fulfillment. Having a diploma from McGill, one of the best post-secondary institutions in the world, will help me.”

“I think the School of Continuing Studies is doing a wonderful job,” Seal affirms. “I know it’s been a stepping stone for many new Canadians, and those born here as well. I’m grateful, I’m happy, and I’m very honoured to be part of it.”

Seal and Pishchalov will have the opportunity to formally thank the Seals at the School’s scholarship ceremony. “I’m looking forward to meeting them,” says Pishchalov.  “I want to take the opportunity to express my gratitude.”



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