Meet the Faces of School of Continuing Studies

2015-2016 Issue 1

If the faces featured in the School’s new marketing campaign look familiar, there’s a reason. They’re all either current students or alumni of the School, so you may have passed them in the halls or sat next to them in class.

“It was important for us to feature our students and alumni,” says Elana Trager, the School’s Senior Marketing and Communication Advisor. “They all have such interesting journeys, and people can relate to that.”

Developed in collaboration with local branding agency Akufen, the campaign’s tagline – Learn. Connect. Elevate. – captures the experience of all those who come to the School – from the time they enter a classroom until they reach their goal.

The School’s focus is to provide a dynamic education – whether it’s for professional development, personal enrichment, or simply for the joy of it. And the connections our learners make along the way are equally important; their instructors are experts, their classmates bring a global perspective, and they have the opportunity to meet guest speakers, attend networking events, and meet with academic and career advisors. Ultimately, the goal is to elevate: their education, their confidence, or their career.

Katherine-Marie Albisi
Diploma in Public Relations and Communications Management


“I was interested in the PR program because I’m a blogger. As a result I’ve been invited to many PR events, and I was interested in finding out more about what it’s like to be on the other side.

I just completed the program this summer, and I’ve already applied what I’ve learned. I did some volunteer work where we had to reach out to the press and develop press releases, and I knew exactly what to do. One of the highlights was an elective course, Developing Leadership Skills, with Bob Saggers. I loved it – and I learned a lot about myself. Now I’m a vice-president at MACES (McGill Association of Continuing Education Students), which is something I never did during my undergraduate studies.

Taking part in the School’s marketing campaign is pretty cool. I go to school here, I’m a VP here – McGill is my entire life, so I have a lot to say about it! And I’m already thinking of taking an economics class next semester.”



Will Baldeh-Vainqueur
Comprehensive Project Management


“I enrolled in the Comprehensive Project Management course because I wanted a better perspective on how to develop projects, as well as the business aspects of this area. I got what I wanted, and more – it made me decide to actually pursue project management as a career!

My favourite part was working on the final project, which was developing a plant upgrade. We planned the entire concept – from demolition to construction – and it allowed us to think outside the box. The course was very convenient in terms of balancing work, personal life, and family – having class a few hours a week was very useful. I’d recommend the course to anyone who’s thinking of taking project management, and a couple of my friends have already taken it.

Being included in the School’s marketing campaign is very flattering. I’ve taken a course here, I got my job because of it, and I was able to give back to the School – my life has come full circle!”


Dieynaba Cissé
English for Professional Communication


“I started my bachelor’s degree in Winnipeg and finished it at the University of Sherbrooke. I wanted to continue my studies in public relations and communications, and I wanted to do it in English at McGill. I enrolled in the part-time English program because I really wanted to be fluent and make sure that I was prepared to begin my master’s.

It’s a lot of work but I got what I wanted from the course, and much more. I really felt more confident with my English, and more confident in general that I could begin head-on, without second-guessing myself. I completely recommend the course – I actually have friends taking the class!

Being a part of the School’s marketing campaign is awesome! I had people coming up to me asking about it – how cool is that! It’s an honour, and I feel really proud.”


Emile Nketiah
Diploma in Human Resources Management

McGill-303“Taking part in the School’s marketing campaign felt great! It was a way to give back to my University.

I enrolled in the Diploma in Human Resources because there was a gap I wanted to fill, and I chose McGill based on its reputation. I came, I saw, and I conquered – and I definitely got what I wanted. The professors are knowledgeable practitioners, but I didn’t expect them to be as warm as they are, and to take so much time for the students. The School makes a point of finding the best person for each subject matter, and I appreciate that.

I not only learned valuable skills, I was also able to build a professional network. As a result I was able to transition into my new career before I even finished my courses; I still have three classes left!”


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