A Custom Collaboration

2014-2015 Issue 2


As members of the OIQ (Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec), April Martinez and Michel Tylbor are both required to take professional development courses to maintain their professional designation. As a result they both attended courses at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies, which is a partner of the OIQ’s Catalogue Genie formation. And by coincidence, both enrolled in workshops led by Jay A. Hewlin, an attorney and consultant specializing in managerial effectiveness, leadership and employment law. Although they didn’t attend these courses at the same time, their professional paths would soon cross, thanks to their instructor.

Hewlin teaches three workshops: Conflict Resolution, Contract Negotiation: Closing the Deal, and Contract Law for Non-Lawyers: Fundamentals of the World of Agreements and Obligations.

April Martinez, who is Vice-President of Sales for Alpha Logistiques, attended two of them. “We’re a customs brokerage and freight forwarder,” explains Martinez. “We help ship into Canada and out to the States. Everything is processed electronically, and we can clear goods through any port.”

Michel Tylbor is owner and president of Betcalier Enterprises, which distributes pre-cast concrete products. He attended Hewlin’s workshops because “we do a lot of business with other service providers, and I wanted to get more insight,” says Tylbor. “They were really good courses. I actually modified an agreement based on what Jay mentioned in class.”

He thought of Hewlin again when the company began work for a new client located in New York. “I remember Jay saying he was from the States, and I had specific questions about working in New York.” Tylbor’s company was working on a project that required to be transported across the Canadian border. Tylbor contacted Hewlin, who immediately thought of Martinez. He introduced his two former students via email, and Tylbor’s project has ran smoothly ever since. “April’s great,” he confirms. “She and her company are very helpful and easy to work with.”

Hewlin was the common denominator in their collaboration, but he often sees similar connections take place right in the classroom. “My workshops have a lot of contractors and sub-contractors in attendance, which results in a lot of dialogue and positive back-and-forth. The bottom line is that this is a success story, and the potential is always there for another.”



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  1. Je trouve le programme des évènements à l’université McGill reflète la culture et l’ouverture à tous les sujets qui nous interpellent.