Matthew Larivière’s Startup Network

2014-2015 Issue 2

lariviereMatthew Larivière has a bachelor of commerce, over two years’ experience working for a Montreal-based marketing firm, and is currently working towards a Graduate Diploma in Applied Marketing from McGill’s School of Continuing Studies. Despite his experience, he’s always on the lookout for opportunities to learn, both within and outside the classroom. The most recent example was his time spent at Montreal’s annual International Startup Festival, which welcomes founders, investors and analysts from more than a dozen countries.

“One of the classes I’m currently enrolled in is Communication and Networking Skills. That class gave me the urge to volunteer and network. Not everyone has the means to go to every single conference, but our professor had the idea of attending as a volunteer.”

Larivière decided to follow his instructor’s advice and applied to volunteer for the Startup Festival. After working for a few hours he was free to enjoy the rest of the event. Featuring an outdoor festival vibe, it included over 50 speakers, such as Gilbert Rozon, president and founder of Just For Laughs. “It was awesome to listen to him. They treat [Just for Laughs] as a startup, so they’re continually innovating. There’s so many creative minds, and lots of networking opportunities. I would definitely do it again.”

Until then, Larivière wants to “continue to learn, stay active, and stay on top of things. I definitely see myself working in marketing, so I’m not looking to change careers. I’m just looking to expand my knowledge.” That means continuing his graduate diploma, as well as looking out for more opportunities. “I want to grow, so I’m keeping an open mind.”

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