Diego Baus: Online Project Management

2014-2015 Issue 2


Diego Baus may not know it, but at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies, he’s a trailblazer. That’s because he was the first student to complete the School’s newest online course, Project Management: Practice and Certification.

The course is completely online, allowing students to learn from anywhere and study at their own pace. Learners can register at any time, and for those interested in earning professional certification, the course represents the 35 Contact Hours of formal project management education required to take PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam. They also gain access to the PMP practice exam.

Diego enrolled in early June, and finished a little over a month later. “This course was fun and fast,” says Baus. “I liked the online format because it’s very helpful, easy to use and easy to follow. I can do work on my own at any time, rather than waiting for a specific time to attend an onsite class. It just makes sense.”

Baus chose this course because he was interested in project management. “There’s a lot of job opportunities that require these kinds of skills,” says Baus. “The techniques you learn can be applied to any kind of professional project, but it’s also applicable to real life. Now when I wake up in the morning, I approach my day in a more structured way. What is the most important task today? What is required?”

Now that he’s completed the courses, he’s using the practice exam to prepare for the PMP certification exam, and plans to take the real thing in September.

“The course quizzes were challenging, and I received a good grade in the class, so I’m almost at that point. I trust McGill’s quality – in the end, it’s exactly what I was looking for.”

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