Richard Pagé: Updating his Professional Profile

2014-2015 Issue 2

Richard Pagé managed to stand out among his fellow alumni graduating from McGill’s School of Continuing Studies with the class of 2015. That’s no small feat, considering several hundred students were receiving graduate certificates, diploma and certificates. How did he do it? By posting the following update on LinkedIn: “Today is the day that I obtain my Graduate Certificate in Marketing from McGill University School of Continuing Studies.”

“I firmly believe in LinkedIn,” says Richard, which is evident in the fact that he has over 1,300 followers on the social media network.


Now that he’s got our attention, what did he think of the program? “I enjoyed my time at McGill,” says Richard. “I appreciated my teachers, and getting to share my experience.” His favourite courses were Processes of Marketing Research and Marketing Communications: A Strategic Approach.

Pagé started the program in September 2013, while working as a Management Consultant and dealing with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. He thought he could benefit from earning an accreditation in marketing, so he enrolled in one course per semester while working full-time.

He’s since taken on the role of Principal Business Consultant at Fujitsu Consulting Canada, where “I apply what I learn on a daily basis. My clients are immensely satisfied with the quality, level of detail, and knowledge that I bring.”

And his newly-acquired Graduate Certificate in Marketing? It’s already listed on his LinkedIn account.

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