Special Delivery for Mayor Denis Coderre

2014-2015 Issue 2

The McGill University School of Continuing Studies’ Translation and Written Communication unit has made a special delivery to the city of Montreal and Mayor Denis Coderre; the Hebrew version of the Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. It is the sixth translation provided by McGill University; previous translations were provided in English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese and Italian.

James Archibald, Director of the School’s Translation and Written Communication unit, presented the translation on behalf of the School and coordinated the work done by a team of lawyers, linguists and translators. Substantive work was done by Smadar Brandes, a graduate from McGill’s School of Continuing Studies who earned a dual Certificate in Translation and was the 2014 recipient of the McGill Associates Prize in Translation. The translation also benefitted from the expertise of Tel Aviv University and the support of Judge Barbara Seal, President of the Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University.

“I am extremely proud that my department, including its teachers and students, were able to fully commit in this democratic exercise and actively participate in promoting this Charter both in Montreal and abroad,” said Archibald.

The Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities is a first in North America, and it will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary.

The presentation took place at Montreal’s Hotel de ville. Those in attendance included Dr. Carmen Sicilia, Associate Dean at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies, Mr. Lionel Perez, Executive Committee Member Responsible for Democracy, the Israel Consul General, as well as elected officials and local community members.

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