Marc Pomerleau: Coming Full Circle

2014-2015 Issue 2

MarcPomerleauMarc Pomerleau earned his bachelor’s degree at McGill before returning to the School to complete the Graduate Diploma in Translation, so when he finds himself back on campus “it’s like being home.” His most recent opportunity to return was for the colloquium hosted by Translation and Written Communication on the topic of Translation Studies and Geopolitics, where he presented on La traduction, une stratégie au service de la paradiplomatie.

“It relates to the way translation can be used to attain political goals,” says Pomerleau, “so I’m looking at the case of Catalonia and the conflict with Spain – how they’re using language and translation to communicate with the international community. It’s not the first time I’ve presented on that subject, and it went very well.”

Pomerleau had been working as a freelance translator for several years when he enrolled in the School’s diploma program. Although he was experienced in the field, “studying at McGill opened my mind to the idea that translation was not only a linguistic activity. Translation is passing from one language to another, but it’s more than that; I could use my translation skills beyond just being a translator.”

As a result, Pomerleau went on to earn a Master’s in translation, and he’s currently working towards a doctorate. He still does translation work, and also serves as an editorial assistant for Meta, one of the industry’s top journals.

And it won’t be long until he’s once again on the McGill campus: he’s agreed to act as an external reader on the Comprehensive Evaluation committee for a potential graduate in the Graduate Diploma in Translation program. “I remember when I presented,” he says, “and I’m happy that I was asked to come back.”


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