‘It Was Really Easy For Me’

2014-2015 Issue 1

BissanChalichAfter enjoying a 14-year career in architecture, Bissan Chalich decided it was time to build on her strengths and experience. As a result she decided to pursue the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

“I searched online for project management courses at an Anglophone school,” says Bissan, and chose McGill’s School of Continuing Studies “for its excellent reputation. I wanted two things from the program: to learn more about project management, and to prepare for the exam.”

Bissan enrolled in Comprehensive Project Management, completing the course in Winter 2013. As a result she was fully prepared when she wrote the exam in Fall 2014. In fact, she says, “it was really easy for me. I was determined to pass the exam on the first attempt, which I did with four ‘proficient’ results and one ‘moderately proficient.’ I got exactly what I wanted.”

She enjoyed learning from instructor Lloyd Bartlett, who continued to provide her with individual career advice far after the course ended. “He was so good, and was always ready to answer our questions during the break and at the end of each session. There were a lot of projects, a lot of group work, and a celebration at the end of each semester, so it was also an opportunity to socialize and meet people from different backgrounds. It was fun.”

She’s already considering further courses in project management to keep up with her PDU requirements.

The biggest benefit, however, was earning her PMP credential. “Having both architecture and project management together – this is the best thing for me.”

Click here for more information on McGill’s Comprehensive Project Management course.



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